Spotting Fake Casinos so You won’t be Scammed

These days, technology is much more advanced and secured while the internet is more stable and delivers faster connection. This transpired to the improvement of various online casinos becoming more trustworthy to play at. With some of the casino websites have been in operation for more than a decade.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there are bad eggs in the basket. Thus, you may likely find occasional rogue casinos that have:

  • Dodgy payment records
  • Pirated games or
  • Forged documentations

While there are in-depth details involved, there are shortcut you would find. The most popular, biggest and established names are the ones that have been in business for a minimum of 3 years or preferably, 5 years and up. These casino sites are rarely fakes and thus, you’d be safe playing in their site.

The Ingredient for Disaster

At the end of the day, online casinos will not be able to survive this fierce industry if they’re not paying players, not getting the word out and has ruined reputation and image. But the real question here is, how an interested individual would be able to easily spot a fake casino? Here’s how:

Number 1. Unlicensed Casinos

For an online casino to operate, they have to be licensed. On the other hand, having a license would not be enough as guarantee that the casino isn’t fake. This is just one of the many aspects to be taken into consideration. However, if you spot a casino without a license in the first place, then it should be considered as a red flag.

Number 2. Online Scandals

One of the scandals that an online casino may be involved in is when they are not paying player’s winnings.

There’s a big chance that terms of its bonuses are at short notice or it comes up during strange reasons only to close your account. After all, you would be able to find it almost immediately as word is quick to spread.

Number 3. Hiding Web Forms


Fake casinos will not tell who the owners are or even give out too many ways on how you can get in touch with them. Try comparing this to reputable and legit casinos like in Agen Judi Bola where you would be quick to find the casino’s ownership info, phone numbers, addresses, multiple email contact addresses and even a live-chat support onto their homepage.