When playing in an online casino, you just don’t pick one in random simply because you like their website, they have a good name or whatever. There are criteria that have to be checked to ensure that you will have a pleasant experience and of course, that you will be paid accordingly with your winnings.

Now, what are these criteria that we are talking about? To not become a victim of fraud or scam online casinos, make sure that you take a look of the following:


With regards to online gambling, every site is subject to license.

Therefore, this is an integral thing to take into consideration before making your selection. If the casino has none, then it should serve as a red flag.


By the time that you have completed the investigation for legal issues and assuming that they have passed, the next course of action is to research on the software that the online casino is using. The software can make or break your experience so never take this one for granted.

Marketing Planning

Like any other business, marketing strategy is key consideration to the success of an online casino. At this point, it’s strategic to have strong and tough competitors and do background check among them too.


As soon as the costs for the legal issues, marketing and software have been taken out of the way, now’s the time to set your budget.